Hospitality is one of the most challenging yet one of the most rewarding industries to be involved in and Cooke & Foley recognize the importance of being able to assist our clients to seize opportunities and obtain a competitive advantage.

We understand firsthand how COVID19 has impacted on all hospitality venues with no one untouched. It is the one business industry that has suffered the most severe revenue hit during this period causing potential long term damage for owners. Cooke & Foley’s belief that proactive and strict cashflow modelling and budgeting during period is the No.1 task that business owners should be focussing their energies during times of forced trading restrictions. Contact us now on 53 312 600 and we will come to see you to conduct a complimentary on-site visit to talk and understand the challenges your business faces and we will provide you with some strategies to help you through this period.

Cooke & Foley has forged its reputation as a market leader in providing business advisory services to the Hospitality industry since 1950’s. It is our wealth of experience that allows our advisors to be able to recognize the challenges within the market and provide consistent quality outcomes for our clients.

Whilst the compliance and taxation aspect are important, it is Cooke & Foley’s ability to provide efficient yet detailed KPI’s and interpretation which allows our clients to make ‘real time’ quality business decisions.

Your Hospitality business whether it be a Hotel, Motel, Restaurant or Cafe needs to be able to adapt as it develops and is confronted with new challenges, Cooke & Foley provides guidance in:

  • Gaming & Licensing Regulatory change
  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting
  • Working Capital Management
  • Business KPI Benchmark Reporting
  • Solving complex compliance issues

Our industry experience allows you to be confident that we will provide you with the guidance you need while you focus on what you do best, providing customer satisfaction.

Rest assured we take your business performance personally, so contact us today (03) 5331 2600 or email us at so we can help you gain that competitive advantage.

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