Many of Australia’s best and most successful businesses are privately owned but such ownership comes with its own unique needs and challenges. Cooke & Foley has many years experience working in this area and understands the unique challenges facing owners of family businesses.

While family businesses face the normal ups and downs of business life there is always the added complexity of family relationships that can make business decisions more difficult. At Cooke & Foley we are able to manage all businesses aspects of such ventures due to our long experience working with family businesses. Families can have a unique set of dynamics and we can work with family businesses to address issues such as:

  • Quality succession planning and adequate training of junior family members.
  • External investments draining cash from operations and diverting focus on core operations.
  • Governance and management systems.
  • Capital investment and financial support.
  • Has the business adequately distinguished business and family governance?
  • Is there a degree of independent guidance?
  • Is the management team adequately equipped?
  • Generational transition planning, business coaching and mentoring.
  • Operational and strategic management structuring: family versus independent management.
  • Objective external advice on family issues and conflict resolution processes.
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of a family charter, family forums, family councils and advisory boards.
  • Responsive financial, accounting and business advisory support.
  • Family business succession planning.

We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we build with our clients and the depth of knowledge and understanding we develop over time. Nowhere is this more important than with our family business clients.

Rest assured we take your business performance personally, so contact us today (03) 5331 2600 or email us at so we can help you gain that competitive advantage.

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